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This applies to so many people i have encountered


This applies to so many people i have encountered

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Wieder eine plumpe Wahrheit. 


Wieder eine plumpe Wahrheit. 

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Anatomical maquettes of fanciful creatures [2013]


Sculptor Masao Kinoshita’s work comes in a variety of forms, but what really tweaks my amygdala are the anatomical maquettes of fanciful creatures. I mean, PHWOAR. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

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Abandoned hotel complex „Marina Lučica“ in ‪#‎Primošten‬:
„Large-scale terraced development is not a new typology. Le Corbusier’s ‘Roc et Rob Hotel’ project, developed for the French Riviera during the late forties, provides a kind of DNA for a number of post-war and contemporary projects in Portugal and Croatia”

Details on the privatisation process 


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Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España

Fernando Higueras (1930-2008) and Antonio Miró (1931-2011)

Madrid, 1960-1990


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Antonio Negri: A Revolt that Never Ends (2005)

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